Home Benefits of Leasing

For the most enlightened business owner or managers, Leasing Finance sometimes called “Asset Finance” is the preferred alternative. Not only is leasing a great way to free up a large amount of cash-capital, it is also a better financing process that is preferable for most businesses.


We offer competitive rates whether you are looking to finance a customer, or your business. We provide our customers with flexible competitive leasing programs to suit your needs.


We believe our customers deserved the best. At AFEM Leasing we FOCUS ON YOUR NEEDS. Our business is founded on quick transactions, guided by skilled Account Executives who smoothly guide you and your customers through the leasing process smoothly, ensuring repeat business for you!


We handle both end-user and vendor leasing transactions. We are here not only to help you manage your business, but also to create sales for you in the future.


Leasing Finance allows business managers and owners to do the following:


·                    Make small monthly payments, so that you can plan ahead,

·                    100% financed, enabled you to keep essential cash in your operating accounts,

·                    Ease the cash burden during slow business cycles,

·                    Return all of the equipments at the end of the term and receive new equipment at the start of your new lease agreement.

·                    Buy the leased equipment for a reduced fee at the end of the lease agreement.

·                    Does not have any effect on your personal credit rating

·                    Multiple Tax Advantages – Deduct lease payments from corporate income.

·                    Increase your liabilities which means a lower tax burden

·                    Used as a sales-aid programme

·                    Costs are record as an off-balance sheet (operating expense)

·                    Ensure your investment in the business gets paid off while it’s creating profits for you, not in advance or out of pocket. This releases capital for other business needs.

·                    Immediate use of equipment without paying the full cost price.

·                    Costs are fixed for the duration allowing you to plan ahead.



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